Sunday, November 9, 2008


Welcome to lscooks' blog! You'll likely see everything from random thoughts, to reflections and observations on the world around us, people and things I enjoy, and who knows what else.

I love to cook, and have done pretty much all of it for the 19 years I've been with my wife. We do a lot of entertaining, and love to have people over for dinner parties, BBQ's, etc. I do an annual BBQ that I call "Meatfest" which generally means feeding 50-75 of our closest friends. This year will be Meatfest 11 (I'll explain the name at some juncture). Two summers ago I was honored to be asked to cater a wedding for a friend's daughter. Came off very well, and there were about 100 very happy guests!

I'm pretty much a self-taught cook, with the exception of a 6 weekend Professional Cooking series, and a 3 week Butchery class at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco (now owned by Le Cordon Bleu). Like anything else, learning the basic skills is imperative, but you just have to keep cooking to improve your skills.

I've played drums and surfed since I was 12, which was MANY years ago, so you'll undoubtedly see articles on music and the ocean from time to time too.

We have a house in Bend, Oregon as well as our current abode in the Bay Area. Oregon will also be a frequent topic, as we love it there and have made some incredible friends. Tough place to make a living, unfortunately!

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